Tuesday, June 11, 2013

More on Reframing Reality

When we examine our assumptions, it can become clear how often we manage our lives within some type of ‘echo chambers’ [Fred Wilson, http://www.avc.com/a_vc/2007/03/outside_the_ech.html] where we only interact with those who have similar assumptions and filters.  It can be hard yet refreshing to get out of the zone of like views and reexamine what we believe to be true.

Understanding that our views are not necessarily the truth makes it easier to consider and practice reframing a situation or relationship with someone.

Our perceptual capacity is like the magnifying glass that we can move over text or go deeper into an illustration. We focus in on something and often lose awareness of what originally surrounded that magnified area.  We crop the picture and forget the rest of the pattern. 

When we consciously reframe, look for patterns, examine our filters, question our perceptions, we get a new picture of reality.  If we share our new perceptions with others and hear theirs, we get a new shared reality.

In many ways, leaders orchestrate the frames and ‘realities’ of their organizations. A leader can offer enormous value to their organization or community by consciously and intentionally questioning, reframing and expanding their own and others’ frames.

Next: More on ways to reframe reality and why.

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