Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Leadership Literacies 2

Solution Stalking

That's what the six literacies I've been pondering seem to add up to--the importance of staying focused on framing and finding solutions when there is so much rapid change and background noise.

The literacies below have emerged in my work as what key factors help with stalking solutions, now in the 21st century, when we know that leadership is no longer about knowing the most, making the fastest decisions, or even inspiring the people around you.  It's been fun doodling and drawing these, making sense of how these areas come together.  

1.    R2: Reframing Reality
Examining and enlarging our frames, to see situations and people not only based on what we’ve always thought but also to consciously seek new vantage points, possibilities, and solutions in the dilemmas we face 

2.    M2: Managing Multiplicity
Inviting whole systems into powerful dialogue, valuing diversity and multiple ways of knowing

3.    S2: Surfacing Strengths
Paying attention to and magnifying strengths in people, systems, communities, and networks

4.    F2: Forecasting the Future
Scanning the 360-degree horizon for signals of the emergent future and pointing to the paths opening before us and closing behind us.         

5.    C2: Connecting the Collective
Tapping into connective dynamics and collective intelligence in a way that promotes cooperation, collaboration and collective action

6.     D2: Designing Dynamics
Understanding our organizations and communities as living systems within larger systems, with consequences resulting from our interconnectedness

These literacies sit on a platform of assumptions about the world and human capacities.  Stay tuned for more about that.

 If you are familiar with Appreciative Inquiry, you will see how useful the principles and practices of AI can be to the development of these literacies.  That’s what my upcoming studio workshop:  AI AND THE FUTURE: LEADERSHIP LITERACIES FOR THIS CENTURY is about.  http://www.sharedsunstudio.com/documents/SHAREDSUNSTUDIO2012-2013WINTERSCHEDULE.pdf

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